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The Equalizer Classification system gives all ropers a chance to compete and win

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Equalizer Classifications


New to the Sport

These individuals will be new to riding and/or roping or returning after a significant time away from riding and/or roping.  They will have limited experience at competitions.  Primary goal of an individual at this level is to learn the fundamentals of the Sport.  They are focused on catching calves and not working on speed.  Catch % is likely at or under 25%.



These individuals are making progress at fundamentals of the sport including horsemanship and rope handling skills.  They are increasing in ability to control the rope including feeding and feeling the tip but may require several swings before feeling adequate control to deliver the rope.  They are still focused on increasing catch % and not on speed of the run.  Catch % is likely between 25% and 50%.



Individuals at this level will have solid horsemanship and rope handling skills.  They will be demonstrating the ability to position and maintain their horses position relative to the calf and ability to control the rope.  Catch % should be above 50%.  Individuals at this level will be working on utilizing horsemanship and roping fundamentals to increase speed of the run.  While there may be limited exceptions, majority of the runs will not be under 3 seconds.


Mid Level

At this level ropers have strong horsemanship and roping fundamentals.  They have the ability to control their horse at the start and stop in order to gain position quicker and finish the run.  Horsemanship and roping ability allow them to adjust for calves that are running to the right or the left.  They have the ability to catch over 50% of cattle in 3 to 5 second range and it is not uncommon for them to complete a run under 3 seconds.  Ability to control the speed of the run will allow them to compete and have some success at amateur rodeos.



This individual has advanced roping and horsemanship skills.  This includes the ability to control when the horse leaves the box in order to limit number of breakouts but be within .15 seconds of the barrier release on the majority of runs.  Rope handling skills allow them to catch over 50% of cattle in the 2.5 to 4 second range.  Ability to be more consistent at faster speeds will allow them to have a higher win % at amateur rodeos and be in contention for year end finals when competing regularly.  Ability will allow them to compete and have some success at national open level events.


Semi Pro

This individual demonstrates strength in scoring, catch % and average time.  Overall fundamentals will allow them to complete runs in under 2 seconds and have an increased catch % on runs in the 2 to 3 second range.  These individuals typically are at the top level of amateur rodeo competitions.  Ability level allows them to be competitive when entering highest level of open competitions.



These are the individuals who are at the top of the sport and are competitive at the highest level of open competitions.  Catch %, average time, and minimum times are in the upper 10% of the ropers in the world.